World Conference on Religion and Peace
Peace Education Standing Commission (PESC)

World Conference on Religion and Peace
Weltkonferenz der Religionen für den Frieden
Report 2000
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Peace Education Standing Commission c/o Prof. Dr. Johannes Lähnemann, Lehrstuhl Evangelische Religionspädagogik der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Regensburger Str. 160
DE-90478 Nürnberg
Peace Education from Faith Traditions 

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Commission Activities
0 Introduction 
1 Area 1: Religious and inter-religious education 
2 Area 2: Education towards violence free communication 
 and conflict solution 
3 Area 3: Environmental education and education for socio-economic development 
4 Staff, Steering Committee and Advisory Council
Area 1: Religious and inter-religious education
1.1 Prof Dr Howard I. Bogot: Pursuing an Ethical Foundation: The Significance of God-Talk (Nuremberg Forum, 25 September 2000) 
1.2 Teny Pirri-Simonian: Are we ready to test new curricula? The experience of women in interfaith learning (Nuremberg Forum, 28 September 2000) 
1.3 Prof Dr Johannes Laehnemann and Prof Dr Klaus Hock: The Representation of Christianity in Religious Textbooks of Islamic Countries (Report) 
1.4 Dr Jakobus Schoneveld: Living in the Holy Land: Respecting Differences (Report) 
Area 2: Education towards violence free communication and conflict solution
2.1 Prof Dr Gordon Mitchell: The invention of the South African rainbow nation. An analysis of religion and the politics of identity in diversity training programmes during the nineties (Nuremberg-Forum, 28 September 2000) 
2.2 Klaus J. Burckhardt: Peace to the City / Steps against violence Braunschweig (Report) 
2.3 Does spirituality help in conflict? Two documents from Kosovo
Area 3: Environmental education and education for socio- economic development
3.1 Dr A. T. Ariyaratne: Application of Gandhian and Buddhist Principles of Non-Violence to Combat Fanaticism (Nuremberg Forum, 26 September 2000) 
3.2 Sulak Sivaraksa: Alternatives to consumerism- a Buddhist programme (Nuremberg Forum, 28 September 2000) 

The written report also includes pictures from the WCRP Amman Conference and the Nuremberg Forum but these are omitted here because they are available on other pages of this site.

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