Prof Dr Johannes Lähnemann Porträt
former World Conference on Religion and Peace
vormals Weltkonferenz der Religionen für den Frieden
Peace Education Standing Commission c/o Prof Dr Johannes Lähnemann, Lehrstuhl Evangelische Religionspädagogik der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Regensburger Str. 160
D-90478 Nürnberg
"Since wars begin in the minds of men,
it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed."
(Preamble of the UNESCO Constitution)

The duty of Religions ...

  • Can religions contribute to the flourishing of peace instead of war in the minds (and hearts) of men? 
  • Do religions have a contribution to make towards educating men in peace and non-violence?
A look at the conflict regions of our world seems to imply the opposite: 
Only too often do religions become involved in political, national or economic interests, thereby merely contributing to the exacerbation and escalation of conflicts.
And yet, we do find in every religion certain messages of peace, reconciliation and harmony which on the other hand obstruct exacerbation, violence and war.
Today, more than ever, each religion has to take upon itself the job of rediscovering and encouraging the traditional sources of peace within its own walls and putting these to practical work in the striving for peace and reconciliation.

... and the duty of the PESC
Much important work is already being carried out today in the field of Peace Education. The PESC has taken upon itself the job of bringing this practical work closer together with the messages and forces of peace inherent in the various religious traditions. 

Who are we?
The Peace Education Standing Commission is a branch of the WCRP (World Conference on Religion and Peace). 
It consists of a multi-national team under the leadership of Professor Dr. Johannes Lähnemann, educationalist in protestant religion and internationally acknowledged specialist in inter-religious dialogue.

What do we do?
Our aim is the scientific support and worldwide networking of Peace Education projects of an inter-confessional and inter-religious nature:

  • We analyse projects from various world regions and provide information for Religion, Politics, Science and Economy. 
  • We set up contacts between the various parties: active participants, media, sponsors, leading religious and political representatives, religious educationalists ... 
  • We present important contact addresses, model projects and significant results on the Internet ( 
  • We organise courses on the subject "Religions and Peace Education". 
We examine and support (inter-)religious Peace Education initiatives in three main areas:
  • Religious and Interreligious Education

  • e.g. curriculum development,
    text book analysis, teacher training (more about the DFG-project the representation of Christianity in religious textbooks of Islamic countries 1999-2002)
  • Education towards violence-free communication and conflict solution

  • e.g. interactive workshops,
    non-violence training sessions,
    inter-religious peace work in conflict regions
  • Environmental education and education towards socio-economical development

  • e.g.alternative youth camps, 
    international get-togethers, courses
We can also help you if you....
  • are already active in the field of Peace Education 
  • want to start-up your own project and require information or fellow supporters 
  • are involved in education and require information 
  • are looking for international contacts or project partners on this theme 
  • offer or require information on this theme 

  • are an educationalist wishing to gain peace education know-how
The PESC team is advised and supported by high-ranking international experts representing the different religious traditions of the world:
Steering Committee
Prof Dr Johannes Lähnemann, Germany (chair)
Dr Kezevinu Aram, India
Rabbi Prof Dr Howard I Bogot, Israel/USA
Dr Patrice Brodeur, Canada
Prof Dr Richard Friedli, 
Dr Günther Gebhardt, Germany
Dr Byung-Hun Ko, South Korea
Dr Shaikh Abdul Mabud, United Kingdom
Prof Dr Karl Ernst Nipkow, Germany
Sulak Sivaraksa, Thailand
John Taylor, United Kingdom/Switzerland

ex officio:
Rev. James Cairns, WCRP Intl.

Advisory Council
Enang Ajang Aloysius, Cameroon
Prof Dr Khairallah Assar, Algeria
Prof Dr Mualla Selcuk, Turkey
Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda, Kenya
Dr Werner Haußmann, Germany
Prof Dr Klaus Hock, Germany
Prof Dr John Hull, United Kingdom
Prof Dr Yoshiaki Iisaka, Japan
Prof Dr Norbert Klaes, Germany
Dr Ron Kronish, Israel
Prof Dr Hans Küng, Germany
Prof Dr Gordon Mitchell, South Africa/Germany
Lisa Palmieri-Billig, Italy
Viola Raheb M.A., Palestine
Rabbi Prof Dr David Rosen, Israel
Jacqueline Rougé, France
Mariza Salazar, Costa Rica
Marina Shishova, Russia

l>r Dr Franz Brendle (Pres. WCRP Germany), Dr Vinu Aram (Steering Committee), Hans v. Willenswaard, Prof. Dr Khairallah Assar (Advisory Council), Lisa Palmieri-Billig (Advisory Council), Dr Günther Gebhardt (Steering Committee), Prof Dr Johannes Laehnemann, Dr Patrice Brodeur (Steering Committee), Dr. Hansjoerg Biener

... and this is how you can contact us:


Peace Education Standing Commission
Prof Dr Johannes Lähnemann
Lehrstuhl Evangelische Religionspädagogik der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
(Chair of Protestant Religious Education, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Regensburger Str. 160 
DE-90478 Nürnberg
Contact Persons:
    PESC-1 Religious and Interreligious Education
    Prof Dr Johannes Lähnemann

    PESC-2 Education Towards Violence-free Communication and Conflict Solution
    Dr Yahya Hassan Bajwa
    (transcombajwa @
    Institut für Kommunikationsforschung 
    (Institute for Communication Research)
    Postfach 1351, CH-5400 Baden

    PESC-3 Environmental Education and Education Towards Socio-Economical Development
    Hans van Willenswaardt
    (suancompany @
    Innovative Network International Amsterdam,
    P.O.Box 11514, NL-1001 GM Amsterdam

prepared for the web by Dr Hansjörg Biener